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creating heartfelt pieces for you to treasure  


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Michelle Groth is a fine artist and Illustrator based in Newcastle, New South Wales. 

Inspired by the natural and organic, Michelle creates elegant and delicate impressions of the hidden beauty she forever sees in the world. Her soft and organic style of drawing depicts a gentle nature, which she hopes to instil onto the viewer. With each piece she aims to create a unique space that warms the heart and takes the viewer to a place of happiness where they feel connected in their own way.

Michelle's work is created using watercolour paints and pigment pens.

She also works with inks on paper and canvas to create large expressive seascapes, which express both feeling and observations of the ocean.


Michelle has been creating for as long as she can remember. As a young child she naturally turned to drawing as a way to tell stories and express herself. Her school diaries and workbooks became filled with imaginative and colourful depictions of her weekend adventures with her family. 

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle in 2010. Her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around Newcastle and was awarded peoples choice in an emerging artist prize.


For Michelle her favourite pieces are the personal commissions she creates, from wedding invitation suites to house portraits. Every piece made unique and full of heart.

From her illustrations she also creates a range of eco-conscious fine art prints and greeting cards that can be found at local markets and boutique stores as well as through her online store. 

When Michelle is not creating in her studio she can be found sharing her passion with others by teaching art classes, as a form of therapy, at aged care facilities and in disability care.  


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For all enquires regarding custom requests, wholesale, illustrations and invitation designs please get in touch by filling in the form above 

Or send an email to :

You can also find progress photos and updates on Instagram and Facebook 

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